Who is LISS

LISS is managed by an informal group of software vendors and stakeholders. The LISS process began in 2010, but building on experience gained over the previous 3+ years (web services) and 10+ years (flat-file interoperability). We welcome any input from stakeholders - send an email to any of the contacts below for technical queries. For LISS website queries or requests to add new supporting parties, contact Edval Integrations.

Some of the members of the LISS association include:

Edval TimetablesDr Tim Coopertim.cooper@edval.education
Timetabling SolutionsMichael Woodmichael.w@timetabling.com.au
TimechartDavid Pethickdavid@timechart.com.au
Compass EducationLucas Filerlfiler@jdlf.com.au
SentralAntony Mawerantony.mawer@sentral.com.au
EdumateDavid Savilldavid@hobsons.com.au
CivicaHeike MulleeHeike.Mullee@civica.com.au
SchoolworxJohn Rossjohn.ross@schoolworx.com.au
Millennium SchoolsAlex Fiedleralex@millenniumschools.com.au
Catholic Education Office, South AustraliaHugh WheelerWheeler.Hugh@cesa.catholic.edu.au
Daisy ePlannerchris@productdynamics.com.au
My EDiaryLouisa Woodslouisa@getpositive.com.au
Vivo MilesIan Pedlerian.pedler@vivomiles.com.au
Xtreme SoftwareNathan Chaplinnathan.chaplin@xtremesoftware.com.au
SchoolboxSean Richardssean.richards@alaress.com.au
School BytesBlake Garrettbgarrett@schoolbytes.education
EdroloBen Szeben@edrolo.com
IRISJohn Rossjohn_ross@bigpond.com